Children’s clothing

Children’s Clothing Brand Names From Major Department Store. Store Returns and Overstock Merchandise. Huge Variety of Items. Sold By The Lots Only!!! As Low As $1.00 per piece. YES $1.00 each.


A deal of a Lifetime: Childrens clothing deal Sizes 0 to 7 one deal only. First come first serve. All new 1st quality of mixed children’s clothing. Huge selection of items. Shirts, Pants, outfits, jeans, tops, overalls and more.

10,000 PCs all for a super low price of $1.90 each (take all) or a minimum order of 1000pcs for a super low price of $2.20 each.


Brand names like: Carter, Lighting Bug, Okey
Dokey, Allison Anne, Michael James, Laura Ashley, May Fair, Happy kids, Baby Tog and more. All clothing are outfits like: dresses, overalls,with a shirt, rompers and more. Huge variety of colors and styles. Winter/Fall or Summer/ Spring available. All on hangers . Special price $3.90 per outfit.