Mixture of A1 and store returns. Huge selection of brand name cosmetics, over the counter drugs, shampoos, and many other HBA products. Each pallet is approximately 6’ to 7’ tall. Minimum order is 3 pallets. Your cost $850.00 per pallet. FOB Portland, OR All A1 quality merchandise. Huge selection of brand names.


Huge selection of drug store Product Descriptions such as: HBA, cosmetics, gifts, hair care products, make – up, school supplies and more. These loads are super. Minimum order is 12 pallets for a super low price of $650.00 each or truckload (24 pallets) price of $575.00 each. Pallets are about 6’ to 7’ tall. HBA PALLETS Diapers, Baby Wipes, Feminine Products. 440 pieces per pallet. 1,095.00 per pallet. FOB NC

Huge selection of brand names of perfumes and colognes and may contain some lotions. Each pallet is approximately 6’ to 7’ tall and contain approximately 2000 pieces per pallet. Your cost is $4,495.00 per pallet. Minimum order is 1 pallet. Portland, OR ***We also carry A1 quality merchandise of brand name suntan lotions*** Minimum order is 3,000 pieces for a super low price of $1.20 each. FOB Portland,OR.
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