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Q:What does the word “Salvage or Closeouts Goods” Mean?

A: Buying Salvage or Closeouts Goods is the lowest way to buy anything. It all boils down to your breakage versus your good stuff. This is where we use our knowledge and merchandise expertise for your benefit. We buy Salvage loads from top department stores. We have gotten a lot of good loads and a lot of bad ones. We sell only the loads that we had good experiences with. We keep tabs and know when it’s a good time and a bad time to purchase. We cannot guarantee that every salvage load that you buy from us will be a winner, but, in most cases, they are. And, if you do get a loser, we will try our best to make it up to you next time around. We are, we feel, the best at obtaining quality salvage loads out there, and we do care very much about our customer’s needs. We go the extra mile to satisfy.

Q:How do we get the merchandise here to my state?

A: We offer shipping to you at our discounted cost, or you may use your own means.

Q: How do we accept payment? 

A: We accept cash, cashier’s check, money orders or bank wire transfers. Wire transfers – the buyer should call us before and after they have transferred the funds. It takes from 45 minutes to 12 hours for us to receive wires. Once our bank confirms the transaction, the shipment is ready for pickup. If everything goes right, we try to have it all taken care and on the road within 24 hours.

Q: Are there any other costs that I should be made aware of ?

A: Our prices given before a purchase are rock solid. Shipping by the container (40 foot truck) is rock solid as well. If you are buying by the pallet, there could be a slight increase, or decrease, depending on the class and weight of the item. The only other costs that I can think of that may apply is with having the right equipment to unload the truck, i.e. fork lift, pallet jack, and loading dock. When we arrange shipping, we ask these type of questions, so this should not be a problem down the road.

Q: Do we have any contracts to sign? 

A: Yes & No. If a buyer is purchasing Department Store goods with us, they must read and sign a paper that they would agree to, for instance, remove the Department Store tags before resale, and the like. As far as our company goes, no, you can buy a load from us once or as many times as you like. We do not make much off of one truckload. Our money is made from customers coming back and buying often. We try as best as we can to offer high quality loads at the right price so that our customers can make money, like our service, and keep coming back.

Q: Can I fly down and inspect the load if I want to before making my purchases ?

A: In most cases, Yes, if the merchandise is in one of our warehouses. Some Department Stores do not like tourists for security and time-consuming purposes.

Q: Do you Export Items ?

A: Yes. We do export worldwide and offer this service as a courtesy to our customers. USA Closeouts Outlet can handle your export shipments to all major ports in the world. We have Representatives throughout the world and can handle all your containers in a quick and efficient manner.

Q: May I purchase from your competitors ?

A: Yes. It is a free market and you make your own choices. We guarantee that you will get the best service from us and we know our competitors standards and the quality of their merchandise. We will give you our advise objectively and only for your benefit. Plus we go the extra mile to give you the service you deserve.

Q: How do I get on your weekly mailing list?

A: Our weekly mailing list is a free service. It is however confidential and can only be used for the person that it is sent to. To get on the mailing list, just go to the subscribe to email section of our main web-site page and click on the mailing list option. Please read the rules.

Q: If I have a Internet web page, is it okay for me to advertise your goods on it ?

A: Yes. We have been in business a long time. We do value our good name. We welcome any referrals from your internet web page and we have a Broker Program where you make top commission dollars. Call us for more details.

Just call or email us your price quote and USA CLOSEOUTS OUTLET will beat any written proposal on every department store returns. Guaranteed!